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Home » news » The FAE (swiss Business Assistance Foundation) supports Acqiris

The FAE (swiss Business Assistance Foundation) supports Acqiris


The FAE, Fondation d’Aide aux Entreprises (Swiss Business Assistance Foundation) has just published its yearly report, available here (French) – See article about Acqiris on page 11. 

Acqiris SA is one of the 67 companies supported by the foundation in 2017. Contacted by Acqiris founders in July 2017, the foundation agreed to support Acqiris SA and endorses an investment with a bank (BCGE) of the order of one million francs, jointly with Cautionnement Romand, a related structure at the federal level. 

The full story is told in the Tribune de Genève here (French).



About Acqiris SA

On August 1, 2017, Keysight PCIe-based digitizer group became a new company and returned to its original name: Acqiris, a leader in signal acquisition, enriched with the experience of Agilent and Keysight Technologies. The same team of dedicated specialists has been developing high quality signal acquisition products, bringing technical excellence to our customer unique application.