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Connect with the Acqiris Team at ASMS 2018, San Diego, USA, June 3 – 7, 2018

Meet both Acqiris Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Robin Hassell and Acqiris Manager of R&D Product Development, Pierre-François Maistre at ASMS.

Discover behind closed doors the latest optimal ADC card developments and signal acquisition processing techniques for mass spectrometry.

For more information about ASMS exhibition:


Robin Hassell’s contact details:

Europe Mobile +41 78 694 2069 | US Cell +1 408 752 4884


New contacts for APAC, located in Shenzhen, China

We are pleased to welcome Ken and Chris to Acqiris, covering APAC and based in Shenzhen China.

Ken Chen is managing all the business in APAC and is the first point of contact for any enquiries concerning signal acquisition needs in applications including Ultrasound, Mass Spectrometry (MS-TOF), Non Destructive Test (NDT), Swept Source Optical Coherent Tomography (SS-OCT), Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensors (DSTS), and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR).

Chris is the primary point of contact for all technical questions for both pre-sales and post-sales.


Ken Chen

APAC Sales and Business Development Manager

Tel : +86 755 84356290

Mobile : +86 18988997758


Ken received his Masters degree from South China University of Technology, majoring in Communication and Information Systems. Prior to joining Acqiris, he worked in Intel, Atmel and Conexant, having more than 11 years working experience in the semiconductor industry, including pre-sales and post sales activities.


Chris Meng

APAC Field Applications Engineer

Tel : +86 755 84356291

Mobile : +86 18025320958


Chris received his bachelor degree from Hu Bei Normal university majoring in Optoelectronic Science and information technology.

Prior to joining Acqiris, he worked in ZTE as a hardware engineer, Sierra wireless as an embedded system engineer and previously in Telit, as an FAE, total more than 12 years’ experience.


Office address

Acqiris APAC, 14F Times Financial Centre, 4001 Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen 518046, PR China.

Tel : +86 755 84356290


Feel free to contact Ken and Chris to talk about your application’s need.

The Acqiris Team

Fruitful and Exciting Meetings at Photonics West 2018

We appreciated the very fruitful and exciting discussions with customers and partners who met with Robin, Giovanni and Bill at Photonics West.

We’re looking forward continuing our developments, collaboration and expanding focus in the SS-OCT domain.

The Acqiris Team

Network with Robin Hassell at Photonics West 2018, San Francisco, California, USA, 27 January – 1 February 2018

Robin Hassell, Acqiris Vice President, Sales & Business Development will introduce you to the latest developments on signal acquisition components (ADC cards) for Swept-Source OCT (SS-OCT) applications.


Robin Hassell’s contact details:

US Cell +1 408 752 4884

European Mobile +41 78 694 2069



For more information about the exhibition:

Acqiris SA becomes Sole Provider of PCIe-based Digitizers formerly sold by Keysight Technologies

GENEVA, Switzerland, August 1, 2017 – Acqiris SA today announced it has become the sole provider of Keysight Technology’s PCIe-based digitizer for OEM business. PCIe-based digitizers are used as embedded OEM components in industries such as life sciences, imaging, and environmental monitoring. Acqiris worked with Keysight to acquire their PCIe-based digitizers and will own all aspects of the business going forward.

Frequency Analysis Measurements with the New 10-bit PCIe Digitizer

Up to 10 GS/s and more than 2 GHz Instantaneous Bandwidth per Channel

Key Features:

-One channel at 10 GS/s or two channels at 5 GS/s, DC up to 2.5 GHz bandwidth

-Dual full scale range 250 mV and 1 V

-Low noise density, low distortion and optimized frequency response flatness


Our High-Speed Digitizers Team announces capability of more than 2 GHz instantaneous bandwidth on the U5310A 10-bit PCIe high-speed digitizer.

This unique ADC card is designed for frequency analysis such as wireless, telecommunication and spectroscopy applications.

The new U5310A high-speed digitizer features one channel at 10 GS/s or two channels at 5 GS/s, DC up to 2.5 GHz bandwidth and dual full scale range at 250 mV and 1 V.

We developed proprietary ICs for the U5310A. In particular, low noise and low distortion signal conditioning amplifier to drive interleaved ADCs and specific clock distribution to minimize the clock jitter and spurious. Moreover, optimized frequency response flatness provides enhanced measurement accuracy.

“With those proprietary technologies, we provide the unique solution to interleave DC coupled 10-bit ADCs without adding distortion while providing low full scale and wide bandwidth input” said Daniel Frund, Analog and IC Design Manager.”

Here below some examples of frequency analysis measurements:

1) Frequency response (nominal) to a 100 MHz single tone input signal at -1 dBFS, acquired at 5 GS/s, without equalization, and using 1V FSR.

U5310A-Frequency-Response-100 MHz-single tone input signal


2) Frequency response (nominal) to a 1.9 GHz single tone input signal at -1dBFS, acquired at 5 GS/s, without equalization, and using 1V FSR.

U5310A-Frequency response-1.9-GHz-single-tone-input-signal-at -1dBFS


3) Frequency response (nominal) to a 1.9 GHz single tone input signal at -1dBFS, acquired at 10 GS/s, without equalization, and using 1V FSR.


For more information about High-Speed Digitizers, please contact us at